These uniquely sensitive and wonderfully fragrant flowers stand for Ecstasy and secret love.  Gardenia's are so fragile you have to handle them so carefully because if you even touch the petals they will turn brown.  What a gorgeous bouquet they make though.  

Standing for Love and Purity Roses are probably the most commonly used wedding flowers.  

Lily are absolutely stunning!  This beautiful fragrant flower is also durable and long lasting.  Makes for a wonderful addition to any bridal bouquet. 

Common Wedding Flowers

Innocence and Trust are what these sweet flowers stand for.  Freesia would bring very important attributes into your marriage. 

These delicate little white flowers have such a wonder scent its no wonder brides love to have stephanotis  in their bouquets.  Not to mention they stand for Marital happiness! 

Standing for Magnificent beauty who wouldn't want Calla Lilies in their bridal bouquet? 




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