​​​​Amaryllis - Splendid beauty

Anemone - Truth and expectation

Aster - Love and daintiness

Babies Breath - Festivity

​Bachelor Button - Healing and Celibacy

Basil - Best wishes

Bells of Ireland - Whimsy and luck

Bird of Paradise - Magnificence

Bouvardia - Enthusiasm

Calla - Magnificent beauty

Camellia - Contentment, perfect beauty

Carnation - Admiration, and pure love

Cattleya - Mature charms

​Chrysanthemum - long life and wealth

Daffodil - regard and respect

Daisy - innocence

Delphinium - sweetness and fun 

Fern - Magic and fascination 

Forget me Not - Memories of true love

Freesia - Innocence and trust 

Galax- Freindship and encouragement

Gardenia - Ecstasy and secret love 

Gerbera - innocence and freindship

Ginger - Strenght

Gladiola - Generosity

Grass - Homosexual love 

Huckleberry - Simple Pleasures

Hydrangea - Devotion and thanks 

​Iris - Faith and wisdom

Ivy - wedded love and fidelity

Lady's slipper - capricious beauty

Lamb's ear - Soft and gentle

Lavender - Love and devotion 

Lilac - Beauty and Pride

Lily - Majesty and purity of heart

Lily of the Valley - Sweetness

Magnolia - Nobility and Perseverance

​Marigold - Pretty Love and affection

The Language of Flowers

This fascinated me when I was studying wedding design so I wanted to share it.  Its something to think about when choosing your wedding flowers. 

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Floral Occasions

Mint - Virtue

Moss - maternal love and charity

Myrtle - Hebrew emblem of marriage

Orange Blossom - Eternal love

Orchid - Love, beauty, luxury

Pansy - Loving thoughts 

Parsley - Useful knowledge

Peony - Happy Marriage, welcome

Phlox - Our souls are united 

Ranunculus - You are radiant 

Rose - Love

Rose - Blue - Mystery 

Rose - Burgundy - beauty

Rose - Dark Pink - thanfulness

Rose - Green - Fresh love 

Rose - Purple - Enchantment 

Rose - Light pink - Admiration 

Rose - Pink - Grace

Rose - Red - Passionate Love 

Rose - White - Innocence and purity

Rose - Yellow - Rejection or freindship

Sage - Wisdom and domestic virtue 

Snapdragon - Gracious Lady 

​Snowball - thoughts of heaven 

Solidago - Success

​Stephanotis - Marital happiness 

Sunflower - Adoration and Pride 

Tulip - Perfect lover

Violet - your always on my thoughts 

Zinnia - Thinking of an absent friend 



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